Growth is a way of life. Whether you are a venture or an established company looking for new growth avenues, we help identify key growth drivers for business success.

Our Growth Strategy services include:

Market Entry Strategy:

We provide a road map to enter prospective markets by conducting thorough research of the market to find profitable opportunities. Be it finding the right target audience for your product or services or setting up a distribution network to reach out to customers, we help ensure a suitable market entry strategy to launch your product or services in new markets or in new customer segments. Whether you are an Indian company exploring opportunities in international markets or an international company planning to enter India, we provide a comprehensive, insight-driven strategy to suit your business needs and also help you identify strategic partnerships to accelerate growth.

Growth Audit:

Before you chalk out your growth plan, it’s important to find out whether your organisation is “growth ready”. The Growth Audit looks at ‘what’ results you are currently achieving in your business; ‘how’ you are currently managing and leading your business; what are your goals for your business; and then identify the best business growth audit opportunities that can be applied in your business to better achieve your business goals. Before developing growth strategies that could lead to diversification, acquisitions, new partnerships or exporting, we help our clients ensure that their organisation is in order through an internal audit of all operations. Our analysis allows you to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses before adding the stress of growth activities by reducing the risk of operating inefficiencies or missed opportunities.

Mergers & Acquisitions:

M&A must be an integral part of any organisation’s growth strategy. It helps plan for opportunities long before they arise and build a repeatable acquisition model honed through frequent, continuous deal making. Research says that active acquirers earn consistently higher shareholder returns than those that stay on the sidelines. We help clients improve odds of success through effective M&A strategy with a rigorously quantified assessment and effective due diligence. We prepare the organisation for integration long before the deal is inked by developing team capabilities and building a repeatable process. We help capture maximum value from the deal to attain the highest possible return.

Fundraising Strategy:

Getting funded can be incredibly difficult and time consuming. We help companies with their growth plans by helping them raise capital through equity or debt funding and also help open new revenue and partnership opportunities through strategic alliances. We advise startup founders and business owners to decide exactly at what stage they should go for fundraising, how much capital should they raise and most importantly, how to make their organisation investment-ready.