From strategy review and business planning to hands-on implementation, we help startup founders drive growth and achieve long-term goals. We provide startup founders with bespoke service packages to increase the return on your investment, avoid costly mistakes, and maximize the value of their resources in order to accelerate your startup.

Startup Idea Audit:

If you are about to start a business and want to know if your business idea is feasible, scalable and financially viable, then “Startup Idea Audit” helps you evaluate your idea using our proprietary tool -“Idea Quotient (IQ) Test”. We provide startup business advice sessions for individuals looking to start a business as well as for existing businesses seeking growth advisory. We analyse your business model, develop revenue streams, test your go-to-market strategy, review your financials, explore fundraising strategy and much more.

Business Plan Preparation:

Idea itself has no intrinsic economic value. It acquires economic value when it is transformed into a business concept and implemented successfully. We help you develop an effective & actionable business plan using our proprietary “K-CELL Business Planning Framework” that serves as a road map to help achieve desired results.

A business plan is a must-have tool for every business owner, whether you are starting a new business, have been in business for years, or are ready to grow your business.

Our business planning services include:

  • Executive Summary / Business Concept Note: We help you write a compelling executive summary or business concept note to capture your business idea and key highlights of your marketing strategy & financial plan.
  • Business Plan: We develop a comprehensive investor-friendly business plan covering product development & validation, business & revenue model planning, marketing & sales plan, operational plan, resource plan and financial plan.
  • Pitch Deck: A pitch deck is a brief presentation to provide an overview of your business plan. We help you develop a great pitch deck which crafts an engaging story to open investors’ minds to your vision and to get them excited to know more.

Business & Revenue Modeling:

A new business can exist when a model for its value creation becomes apparent. We help develop scalable & financially viable business model with clearly defined revenue model based on Value Propositions, Key Activities, Key Partners, Key Resources, Customer Relationships, Customer Segments, Customer Channels, Cost Structure and Revenue Streams.

Strategic Brand Positioning:

Your brand is your business. We work with startups to define, differentiate and position their brands to maximise customer relevance. We align brand strategy with communication activities to maximise value. We create a brand story that not only engages your customers but also inspires your employees. We help startups with:

  • Strategically positioning their brand for market leadership
  • Marketing campaign planning including digital marketing strategy
  • Customer Experience Strategy & Engagement Plan

Growth Strategy:

Growth is a way of life. We help startups identify key growth drivers for business success and create a road map to scale-up their ventures. Be it finding the right target audience or setting up a distribution network to reach out to customers, we help ensure a suitable market entry & growth strategy. We provide a comprehensive, insight-driven strategy to suit varied business needs and also help identify strategic partnerships to accelerate growth.

Fundraising Strategy:

Getting funded can be incredibly difficult and time consuming. We help startups with their growth plans by helping them raise capital and also help open new revenue and partnership opportunities through strategic alliances. We advise startup founders and business owners to decide exactly at what stage they should go for fundraising, how much capital should they raise and most importantly, how to make their venture investment-ready.