At Syncoro, we believe in ideas. That’s why we run an integrated startup accelerator program called “Syncoro Scalerator” that is designed to help startups scale-up their venture. Select startups are accepted into the program through a stringent, process-driven methodology. Once accepted, these startups receive support in terms of business planning, revenue modeling, growth advisory, market launch strategy, mentoring & training, customer & market access, industry / corporate linkage and investor connect. We run sector-specific as well as sector-agnostic startup accelerator programs.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Integrated Accelerator Program with individualised-solutions to scale up an idea
  • Strong Mentor – Advisory panel, comprising of experts from various domains and industries
  • Access to corporates in India & abroad and a network of partner organisations
  • Support through weekly “Syncoro Meet Ups” for process review and goal-setting
  • Fundraising assistance through Syncoro Angel Investors network and early stage VCs

Syncoro Scalerator, a sector-agnostic startup accelerator program, is ideal for 6 months to 18 months old startups with a Minimum Viable Product and customer traction.

As part of the program, we offer intense mentorship from our experts and connect them with various stakeholders including target customers, partners and investors. We provide a range of advisory services to startups – from identifying growth opportunities to market entry strategy to connecting startups with corporate & industry leaders to helping startup raise funds for growth. We not only help startups prepare a comprehensive, actionable business plan, but also provide hands-on growth strategy to scale up their venture.

SYNCORO VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED will be launching “AgriTech / FoodTech Focused Incubator-Accelerator Program” in 2019, in association with SURATi iLAB (a government subsidiary), Navsari Agricultural University  (a government-funded public university) and AURO University (a private university).


If you are a startup that is ready to take a quantum leap, apply NOW for Syncoro Scalerator Program.

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