Syncoro Angel Network (SAN) is an exclusive network of Angel Investors who are interested to invest in early-stage ventures with potential for exponential growth.

With focus on venture investing, we help create awareness about venture investing as an asset class and provide a platform where both Startup Founders and Angel Investors can engage, invest and grow. SAN Members are successful entrepreneurs and business leaders with a passion to support high potential entrepreneurs.

SAN identifies and curates potential startups and provides fundraising support. Besides growth capital to startups, SAN also provides quality mentoring and access to corporate & vast network of its members to select startups.

 SAN is an initiative of Syncoro Ventures Pvt Ltd – an integrated startup accelerator platform that provides growth support to entrepreneurs to scale-up their ventures.


To investors:

  • Curated Startups
  • Simple Term Sheet
  • Pre- and Post-Investment Support

To Start-ups:

  • Growth Capital
  • Mentoring and Access to network of SAN Members
  • Potential business opportunities and wider market access


  • SAN actively engages with early stage startups to identify investment opportunities.
  • SAN and its partners organise regular events & programs and also collaborate with Startup Incubators and Accelerators to connect with startups.
  • SAN members can also recommend or sponsor startups to the network which in turn will go through SIP.
  • SAN identifies potential startups and select startups go through SYNCORO INVESTMENT PROCESS (SIP) to qualify for SYNCORO STARTUP SHOWCASE.


  • SAN follows a highly disciplined startup curation process to identify investible opportunities.
  • Each startup is evaluated using our proprietary SYNCORO IDEA QUOTIENT (IQ) TEST. At this stage, we consider factors like differentiated value proposition, entry barriers, market potential, scalability and financial viability, team capabilities and much more.
  • Once a startup passes IDEA QUOTIENT TEST, an in-depth interview with Lead Team Members is arranged to understand their vision for the company and growth capabilities.
  • Before finalising any startup for SYNCORO STARTUP SHOWCASE, we carry legal and financial due diligence to ensure that each startup meets our investment criteria.
  • Only select curated startups get the opportunity to connect with SAN Members.


  • SAN Members can attend monthly SYNCORO STARTUP SHOWCASE where select startups will pitch to investors in a prescribed format.
  • SAN Members will receive reviews and reports about startups participating in the Showcase based on our proprietary SYNCORO IDEA QUOTIENT (IQ) TEST.
  • SAN prepares a common Term Sheet for its members for each investment and also provide Legal & Financial Due Diligence Reports.
  • Each member will make his or her individual decision based on given investment opportunity.
  • SAN provides its members pre- and post-investment support – from investment to exist – to manage and monitor their investments.
  • SAN Members will get opportunities for networking with other members through events and programs organised by SYNCORO or its partners for free or at discounted rates.


  • SAN Membership is ONLY BY INVITATION. There is no joining fee or annual fee.
  • Any member can invite prospective members or investors to attend SYNCORO STARTUP SHOWCASE or any other events or programs.
  • You can fill up the online membership form to become our member: Please mention name of SAN Member who has referred you.
  • Once we receive the application, our team will reach out to you.


  • Please fill up the APPLICATION FORM using the following link to raise funds through SYNCORO ANGEL NETWORK –
  • Idea Stage Startups will not be qualified for SYNCORO STARTUP SHOWCASE.
  • Once we receive your application, our team will reach out to you to arrange initial discussion with the founders.
  • Once a startup qualifies through our initial screening, it will go through SYNCORO INVESTMENT PROCESS to prepare for SYNCORO STARTUP SHOWCASE.

For any queries regarding SYNCORO ANGEL NETWORK, please write to us at